Life can get CRAAAZY!!! We have many responsibilities to juggle being wives, moms, employees, business owners, “good Christians…” the list goes on. It’s so easy at times for our lives to become consumed with bouncing from one role to another as we try to keep all of our balls successfully in the air. As we try to be all the things we need to be for everyone and everything else, it’s easy to lose sight of who we are as individuals and that’s a bad place to be. Loss of connection with self can lead to frustration, anger, discontentment and a longer list of negative states of being than I care to list here.

For anyone that joins me here, I hope to create a space where we all, myself included, can find our way back to ourselves and who we were created to be. I will explore things of beauty, maybe talk about some uncomfortable things but ultimately, I will be me and, if I’m successful, I’ll also encourage you to be YOU!

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