Building Self-Confidence

Some people have the uncanny ability to just make things happen. In every walk of life, we see women accomplishing great things. I don't know about anyone else but sometimes I watch from afar, in awe of how quickly these power women make decisions, juggle multiple responsibilities and do it all seamlessly and seemingly effortlessly.… Continue reading Building Self-Confidence

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Happy Valentine’s Day… to Me

It's Valentine's Day. People are making reservations, shopping for flowers, cards and gifts and putting forth all kinds of effort to recognize the day. February 14th is one day especially that many don't want to spend alone, doing as much as possible to make sure that it doesn't go by without them being with somebody… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day… to Me


The Care and Keeping of Relationships

Relationships can be hard work. Husband-wife relationships, parent-child, siblings or even employer-employee. Any time two or more humans are engaged in ongoing interaction with the expectation of some benefit or where there's a personal stake, there's bound to be conflict from time to time. Or often when there are mismatched expectations. There are ways to… Continue reading The Care and Keeping of Relationships